Friday, 18 December 2009

The Drugs, Snow and 63

After five days, I'm cured.
The throbbing headache is gone,
My GP prescribed me with these drugs.

I did ask for Cafergot.
The GP said that it will be the last option. (Ibusinga, apasal eh?)
He asked me so many questions just to find out what triggered the headache
(period lah, contraceptive lah, computer lah, etc etc).
In 3-4 weeks time, I need to see him again to discuss about the migraine.
What makes me nervous is he asked me to see the optician,
just to make sure my vision has nothing to do with the headache.
Penat aku berbangga2 dgn Mrgrammarindahouse betapa senangnya hendak membeli sunglasses utk org free glasses ahaksss.
Nehi kabi nehi.

10 minutes of heavy snowing.
Gile takut aku tgk angin nyer..

Look at that tree.
Lucky I was in the school at that time, kalau tgh drive, mesti gabra semcm..

I'm now down to 63kgs.
For the first phase, the goal is to be in normal range, 4kgs to go.
 Erkk..mcm degil je 4 kilos ni.. 
I think I lost 1 kilo because of banyak carry mrkamahkamah turun/naik escalator masa pegi Westfield.
I had a serious muscle pain after that.
My points here:
(1) takyah lah bawak stroller, carry je that 12.6kgs boy, sure you can shed few kilos.
(2) let's go shopping babe!

Adehhhh, sakit pinggang....


Anonymous said...

minus the caffeine
sure hilang migraine

melovesfood said...

synflex itu adalah painkiller kan? alamakk.. minus caffeine eh? saya dah tale 2 mug mocha hari ni.. ahakss

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