Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dinner for Special Guests

They came to Birmingham to celebrate their brother's convocation.
All the way from Kent, London and Selly Oak (jauhnye ko duduk Ramli!).
We invited them to have dinner at our house.

Huda, Ramli, Mrgrammarindahouse and  me.
All in the same batch but in different courses, back in UTM.
We knew each other because we were in the same Express MARA program
(Huda and Ramli were true Express product, in 3 years they finished their first degree.
But Mrgrammarindahouse and me had to convert from diploma to degree, so we took 4 years to finish).

Special food for special guests.

Starter: Fish crackers (keropok ikan la).
Main course : Plain white rice served with oxtail soup, chicken rendang, prawns in tumeric sauce and mixed vegetable.
Dessert: Peach pie (KOG's recipe)

maafkan saya sekiranya gambo peach pie ni gagal menaikkan nasfu makan anda!
tapi the taste, walllahhhhh!!!


kucingorengemok said...

o yeahhh, namaku tersentil lagi di sini :)

Anonymous said...

tersentil...lepas tu tersedak..

melovesfood said...

hehehe..KOG bagi le recipe yg simple.. kalu buleh tutup mata, dah siap.. hehehe..

ibusinga, tlg le tgk2 kot sungguh KOG tersedak kat sana.. ahaksss

Anonymous said...

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