Sunday, 15 November 2009

Why! Why!

Why is the stir fry green chillies with onion are always delicious?
Add some soy sauce on it, walllahhhhhh!!!
Normally I have it with fried anchovies or
with fried egg (sunny side up @ cow's eye(ni KOG yg ckp), my abah's favourite).
Yesterday, I had it with chicken soup.
I didn't expect the green chillies are hot, compared to the small green chillies.
Because of that, I ate only 1 serving of rice.
If not, I will have 2-3 servings. :)
It's the most sinful dish since it will automatically make me totally ignore my diet.
But at the same time, I'm loving it!!


Lady of Leisure said...

i noticed kalau green chillie yg kurus2 ni agak pedas compare to yg besar2...
sometimes setanding cili padi..
i suka makan cili hijau dengan nasi kandar or briyani.. shedapp..

melovesfood said...

LL: saya ni nak beli cili mmg tak pandai la.. kalu beli cili kering... kekadang kena yg pedas giler, sampai tak buleh nak makan.. ada petua tak?

kucingorengemok said...

perah limau kasturi skit, fuhhhh

melovesfood said...

kalu tambah limau, tunggu guruh berbunyi baru abis makan...hehehe

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