Friday, 13 November 2009

Oodles Noodles

Last few days, Mileen, Ayu and I, had our lunch at Oodles Noodles Restaurant in Star City. They served Chinese, Japanese or South-east Asian dish here. Look at the menu. How often do you see a restaurant served something with sambal in UK, especially in Birmingham?

They have all sort of chillies here. 

This is mine. Extra hot Beef Kuay Teow. Delicious!

Ayu's, Char Kuay Teow. Not hot at all. It will be a lot nicer if it's hot like mine.

Mileen's, Mee Goreng Malaysia. They should put it as Mee Hoon. In the menu, they labelled it as hot. But I think, it's hot but in the weird way. Maybe because they used some sort of special sauce.

All in all, it's a nice restaurant. We' definitely will have a second visit. But next time, don't order Mee goreng Malaysia. Let's try plain rice with lauk pauk, like Kangkong belacan. By the way, in the menu, the put Kang Kong , nasib baik tak jadik king kong

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