Saturday, 7 November 2009

I want......

I came across this blog and she put up duriannnss picture.

(Xiaxue, I took your picture. I don't have any fresh durianns here, that's why I'm craving for it now!)

I can just stare at the picture for nearly 5 minutes and imagine the smell and taste.
Oh heaven!!!

Ok, stop looking at the picture..
(sambil lap keyboard notebook)


Anonymous said...

d24 ..kucing tidor...
pulut derian..

Lady of Leisure said...

nanti balik malaysia, makan durian puas2 ye.. sana mmg tak dapat durian ke camna?
kalau nak makan mmg kene balik malaysia ke?
i suka betul durian udang merah.. sbb manis..
some ppl suka d24 yg pahit2 manis tu..

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: saya panggil anak kucing.. bubur duriann..nyamnyam

LL: saya suka asal yg manis..heheh... kat sini ada durian, tapi tak fresh la.. yg frozen dgn kulit2 nya sekali difrozen kan.. hehehe.. bulan 3 balik nanti agak2 musim durian tak eh?

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