Thursday, 26 November 2009

A Heart Touching Song

I watched this clip at Muzz's blog.
Despite the funny make up,
the oversized coat
and the audio+video cut& paste technique,
this song really touches my heart.

This song goes to all parents who is striving to give a better world
("heal the world..make it a better place..", come on everyone!)
to their children -a self-pat on the back please.

To all of you ,who is still struggle to achieve something in life
(I guess everybody is trying their best in whatever they do, that includes, yours truly),
hope you'll get an inspiration from this song.

Ok, let's eat and watch papadom.
Eh dah inspired, tak gi wat keje ke?...heheheh. Ngelat namanye


Arief Arf said...

the song is ok,
but the fashion is a disaster.

melovesfood said...

Arief Arf: I am struggling, between feeling emotional (because of the lyric) and smiling from ear to ear (because of the clip)

Dayang said...

papadom?? download kah?? maok juak! :D

melovesfood said...

dayang, ne ada download.. layan la youtube.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

best ar lagu ni...
lama tak dengar..
salam raya haji di perantauan..eceh..:)

melovesfood said...

ibusinga, ni lagu cikgu sekolah saya selalu pasang..kekonon suruh budak ingat mak bapak..pastu insaf dr buat benda lagho... kejap je insaf nye... hehehe...

kalu kat mesia, raya aji mcm gini, layan nengok siaran dr mekah.. kat sini, takdak apa nak tgk..hehhe... tgk greys anatomy le jawabnye.. heheh

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