Friday, 27 November 2009

For Him

Mrkamahkamah is not well.
A bit feverish and flu plus coughing.
So, one of us has to stay home, taking care of that cranky boy.
While he had his afternoon nap, I spent my time baking this.
Though my research works are piling up,
the deadline of  report submission and small viva are coming up,
I just don't care.
(in the spirit of Eid Adha lah kononnya)

This is Nigella's recipe, Totally Chocolate  Chocolate Chip with Almond Cookies
You can find it here.
Mrgrammarindahouse's special request.
So I baked.
The white things are the almonds.
I added up small amount of almonds in the recipe.
I enjoy cookies with nuts especially the almonds.
Since the almonds and cashew nuts are always in my storage,
I just chopped them up into smaller pieces and dump it all together with the chocolate chips.
This is really chocolaty cookies.
You guys should try it.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha.


Hikbal Ujir said...

salam ngah
ibal n azza would like to say Eid Mubarak, taqaballahu minna wa minkum (may Allah counts my deed and yours)
Rayo! Rayo!

Anonymous said...

kalau banyak ni...
sekali duduk depan one episode of grey's anatomy..selesai...

melovesfood said...

ibal and azza: selamat raya! tido puas2.. tak lama lagi ada yg tak tido malam, jaga baby...hikhikhik

ibusinga: alamakkk ibusinga, terlupa plak letak brown sugar.. so, tak manis sgt.. oleh sebab itu, slow la sikit proses nak mengabiskannye.. heheheh

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