Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Food Memories in Boarding Schools

I spent 5 years of my teenage life in two different boarding schools.
One in Kuala Klawang  and one in Jalan Alor Akar, Kuantan.
Most parents are sceptical about boarding schools (read: bullies, bad food, hygiene problem and etcetera.)
In both schools, food was served 6 times a day: Breakfast, Morning break, Lunch, Tea time, Dinner and Supper.

I love most of the food served in Kuala Klawang.
The delicious dishes that I still remember were
Nasi Planta with Ayam masak merah (this was for breakfast, yummmy!),
Nasi Hujan Panas and Nasi beriani with the side dishes and
Laksa Penang.
Once in a while, we had western food like fried chicken, mashed potato
(like what we have in KFC, but of course a totally different taste. At least they were trying to improve the menu).

We had this history, it's called "laksa penang with lizard".
Every batch had their own recess time. When the form one students came back from Dewan Selera, we asked them what's for break and they said "laksa penang with lizard". So we knew that they saw lizard in laksa penang gravvy. Being naughty, all 2 effective students did not tell other classes about the lizard and all of us  headed to the canteen
(canteen was the place where food must be paid, while food in Dewan Selera was FOC).
After morning break, we asked they rest of the form two, how was the laksa. They gave us a weird look because of the question. They didn't know about this lizard thing, I guess till now (sorry yanot!).

I also remember one of our teacher, Ustaz Karim (dia penasihat kelab agama islam, ye saya ahlinya) selling nasi lemak and nasi goreng after night preps.
At 10pm, all students run to the Ustaz Karim's van to grab the nasi lemak/nasi goreng.
Even though most of us already had our dinner, the nasi lemak/nasi goreng was a must.
You are considered lucky if you can get one because it was heavenly delicious and super hot!

The only fine food that I can remember in Kuantan was nasi hujan panas and its side dishes.
That's it!
All I can remember I was heading to the canteen to buy nasi lemak with sunny side up every single nite because the dinner was s**k.
Sometimes, I only grabbed the fruits during dinner and wait for supper to have nasi lemak.
That's why I always went to the shops nearby (with warden's permission) to buy PAMA mee hoon soup.
Then, when it's time to eat the PAMA, I went to my warden's little garden to pick up some small chillies.
(Sorry ye ustazah! Itu saya punye kerja!)
Friday came, I'll be busy planning what to buy from small pasar malam at the back of the school.
The usual were laksam and kopok lekor.
No wonder my money was never enough, it's all because of the food!
In other words, baik takyah bayar school fees kalau makan tak sedap kat dewan selera!

Oh I'm not sure, if mrkamahkamah wants to go to boarding school, should I let him go or not.
I have 11 years to think about it.
 Yes, we can not expect the school to prepare 5 star food.
Decent food is enough.
Ikan jacket keras (baling kat dinding melantun balik) is not considered as decent food!


sarukman said...

I thought that we're already agreed to send mrkamahkamah to Hogwarts?

melovesfood said...

Hogwarts? Okie dokie. At least the food looks delicious and butterbeer sounds yummy!

kucingorengemok said...

aihh melampau tu dapat ayam for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

erk!!!sekolah asrama boleh kluar2 gi pasar malam...??

Lady Arween said...

MRMS punya makanan sedap2 ekk...Terliur dengar..my hostel dulu..Ikan jaket wajib tiap2 mggu..sampai la cam anti ikan jaket..penanagn duk hostel punya pasal

melovesfood said...

KOG: oh mmg melampau, itu belum kire masa makcik Dewan selera tu baik ati bg kami makan kerang rebus pukul 10pagi..nyam nyam..cicah ngan sos.. heheh

ibusinga: saya pun tak paham apsal warden bg keluar pegi pasar malam yg sekangkang kera tu.. tapi okla kan.. kalau tak saya asik call mcdonald delivery je.. hehehe

ladyarween: tgk mrsm jugak la...kalau mrsm kk sedap.. kuantan, tak best! dgr kata mrsm taiping ngan jasin pun makanannya hebat.. saya mmg tak suke ikan jaket, kecuali ape yg mak saya masak..heheh

y-not said...

tapi mcm aku ingat2 lupe mkn tak laksa lizard tu (x dapat menerima keadaan)

melovesfood said...

kalau ko dah termakan laksa lizard tu nasib aa yanot.. tu berkat air tangan makcik DS.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

melovesfood said...

Thanks Anon!

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