Thursday, 19 November 2009

Food in Seksyen 13 and 14

I was writing the last post, then I remember the yummy food in Seksyen 13 and 14, PJ.
The place that I frequently visited during lunch time in 5 months of industrial training.
I don't remember the name of the stall and food court.
But I know the place.

The place marked no 1 was where I had the marvellous oxtail soup every friday.
We'll sure headed to the stall as early as we could to buy the soup.
Arrived at 1pm, bye bye soup

Place marked no 2 is a big food court near Jaya Supermarket.
There is one stall selling nasi campur every weekdays and saturday.
The were lots of lauk.
The rice portion was quite generous and considered cheap.

I'm not sure whether both places are still exist or not.
But one thing I'm sure, yummy!

Nak balik..nak balik..nak lepak Kuching, Melaka, JB, Kuantan dan KL
Nak makan besar!!!

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