Friday, 27 November 2009

Eid Adha and Chicken Rendang

Three things that makes celebrating Eid Adha in Birmingham are different from Malaysia:
1) No cooking agenda with families.
2) No people gave you qurban meat.
3) Works do not give a minute for your brain to rest, darn!
(In Malaysia, I definitely will not open Word and Visual C++ applications on holiday. Oh, that's why I'm stuck as junior lecturer, that's what we called a position between the senior and tutor. :))

In order to mark that today is a different day from the other day,I made Chicken Rendang.
This is my second attempt in making the rendang.
The first time was 13 years ago.
That time, I cheated, I used Brahim's rendang mix.
But now, I'm not using any mix.
I made it from scratch since it's an easy recipe.

Onion, garlic, ginger, galangal, tumeric and lemon grass, all blend.
2-3 tablespoons of chilli paste.
Coconut milk.
Asam gelugo/keping
One whole chicken (clean and chopped into medium size).

1) Heat a little oil in a pot.
2) Add the blended ingredients and the chilli paste.
2) Once the chilli cooked, add the chicken.
3) When the chicken is nearly cooked through, pour in coconut milk, kerisik and asam gelugo. Cook on low heat.
4) Switch off the hob once the liquid reduced to almost one quarter.

Since we both are not fan of rice cubes, we had it with nasi lemak.

Sedih je mak dengor anak die makan nasi lemak pagi raya, tapi sedap ape.. hehehe 


Lady of Leisure said...

wow sedapnya.. at leas ada rendang di pagi raya kan.. rendang ni makan dengan nasi putih pun dah cukup sedap ni...

melovesfood said...

LL, mmg sedap, lenkali boleh buat lagi..sebab senang sgt.. bile balik mesia?

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