Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Size Guide

I came across this website when I tried to find out the ideal cloth size for myself. The applet in the website calculates the human body size and it only need your wrist size. Amazing eh? Any scientific facts to support the results? Anyway, you'll have the so-called "ideal body measurements" and mine is this.

Wallawehhh!!! All of my body part sizes are above the ideal measurement except the chest part which is under size ( I'm not Norma Stitz, ok!) and the neck size seems to be the one in an ideal range (laugh while you can, people!). Then I checked the size guide from NEXT website.

I'm a bit short, so I belong to the petite group. If I'm not mistaken the cloth size for petite people is only up to size 12. The ground truth is (I'm holding a measurement tape right now), I should wear size 14. Whatever! At least I belong to the group in black ink, that's one size to the red ink (should I be proud of this?)  Then I checked another website:


And it's really comforting to see that I belong to the size 10.
Then, I read the list of tips on how to take body measurements.
Ahhhhh.... that's why!
Tip 1: For accurate results, wear only your undergarments.
Right, like I'm wearing 5inches thick of undies!


Anonymous said...

petite lah aku...
tang height je..

melovesfood said...

heheh... same la..selain dr ketinggian, saya juga petite dr segi size ankle dan juga wrist. ampeh!

Rozie said...

tak paham ar tgk table tu. weekend ni tutorial ok!

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