Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lamb Curry with Almond and Cashew Nuts

Went to (Niza+Ju+Hanny)'s open house last 2 weeks. They served Nasi Minyak with Chicken Korma, Acar and Lamb Curry with Almond and Cashew Nuts. The combo was so glorious and I still remember the taste of lamb curry (I mmg giler makan kambing ok!) So, I decided to ask the recipe from Niza. Niza said she got the recipe from her aunt and all the credit should go to her aunt (credit to Niza as well because she introduced this yummy recipe). This is my second attempt on this recipe. I used chicken on my first attempt and it was yummy. Last week, I bought some lamb from Al-Halal and the good news, I didn't bumped into any beggars there. So, since the lamb is available, I decided to try again the recipe. Repeating what Niza said to me to you all, "this recipe is really GOOD for lamb". So, here is the recipe:


1 kilogram of lamb meat
250gm curry powder -mix with some water
1 big onion -blend
vegetable oil
1 inch of ginger -blend
1 big onion, diced -#
1 cinnamon stick - #
3 cardamom -#
curry leaves -#
half cup of coconut paste (kerisik)
half cup of blended almonds and cashew nuts
half cup cashew nuts
tamarind juice or dried slices of tamarind fruit (asam keping)
malacca sugar or Brown sugar (up to you)

1. Mixed the blended ingredients and the curry powder -**
2. Put the # ingredients in preheated oil.
3. Stir till the onion turn slightly brown.
4. Add the **ingredients and stir again until you can see some sort of oil coming out from the mixture (pecah minyak la wehhh)
5. Add the coconut paste, some brown sugar, salt and tamarind juice and stir
6. Add the lamb meat.
7. Add some water and let the lamb meat cook.
8. Put in the blended almonds and cashew nuts.
9. Stir till the gravy thicken.
10. Add the cashew nuts and it's ready.


kucingorengemok said...

almond & cashew... adalah agak mahal utk cuba² (eh kedekutnya aku) hehe.. eh chup, panggil kormak ke kalau pakai serbuk kari?

melovesfood said...

kalau pakai serbuk korma, baru panggil kormak kan? heheh.. saya tau makan je ..heheh

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