Sunday, 1 November 2009

It is Autumn..

This was at 10.30am,
and it's autumn.
The view from my kitchen balcony.
See the trees.

 My main balcony facing to the back side of people's houses.
So, it's not really a nice view

We went to Leicester today to pick up something that we won in ebay.

Mrkamahkamah was so happy because he just had his bath since last 3 days.
It is cold and his skin is quite dry.
So, we cannot let him bath too frequent.

 We had our lunch in Tinseltown, Leicester, again!
This is how it looks like in the restaurant.

See, Mrkamahkamah was really amazed with the big flat screens.

This time we had lamb chops but they made it too well done
(ape ke jadahnye rentung lamb chop aku!)

Eh wrong angle, I'm not a good photographer.
I ordered kiddies meal for my kiddo.
Spaggeti bolognaise and soft drink

Again, wrong angle.
He didn't want to eat the spaggeti or the lamb chop.
He just want to eat some chips and cucumbers .
The size of one kiddy meal is equal to an adult portion.
I cannot help him to finish the meal
I'm too full with the chops and ferero rocher milkshake.
The bill came with free lollipops.
And that's the only thing that he enjoyed!

Do you find my entry,  boring?
Yes, I know.
Blame the weather.


Lady of Leisure said...

wah dah autumn..

Anonymous said...

canteknya autumn...
(kenapalah aku gatal sibuk nak balik kawen dulu...kalau tak..sure aku dok sibuk mengubat orang kat sana lagi...kaya raya tu...)

melovesfood said...

LL: cantek kan? main salji kat ne tahun ni?

Ibusinga: haaa itu ler.. takpela.. dah rezeki kat KL kan.. kalau duk kat sini, asik teringat nasik lemak dalam daun pisang pun tak guna gak...hahahah

Lady of Leisure said...

hihi.. insyaAllah plan tu nak main salji kat mt titlis/mt pilatus in swiss..itu pun kalau cuaca mengizinkan, i dengar november ni cuaca tak berapa best kat atas nun, ada snow storm etc, kalau cuaca tak bagus, tak leh naik katanya.. counting days to be there.. :)

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