Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'm feeling goooodddd....

I just have my first haircut after 9-months.
I don't have any other options.
I wish Mrgrammarindahouse is a skilled hairdresser.
He can only do army cut using the electric hair cutter.
It is expensive if you try to convert it to RM.
But if I were a Permanent Resident here, I think the price is quite reasonable.
It costs me GBP22.40 to have this.

eh dagu i tak berlapis la.. waa..itu sebab i pakai turtle-neck..

That was after 20% discount.
I chose to have shampoo, cut and finish.
But what if I chose shampoo and cut?
Means that they won't blow dry and style my hair?
Imagine you're going to walk out with your wet hair, weird ok!
tak ke macam maggi rambut ko kalau lepas ko perm rambut, ko tak blow dry.. mengong!

The service was good.
But saloons in Malaysia are way better than here.
Here, no free massage.
No free back body massage.
No free hair treatment cream
Takde org tanya aku, "u mau shampoo murah ka mahal?"

Somehow, I just feel good.
I really really really need to visit the hairdresser every 2-3 months.
Because it makes me feel good.

Feel good eh? Let's cook pasta Cik Tijah.

Yummy and easy peasy.
I didn't put green or red pepper and celery because I don't like them.
I replaced italian herbs with mixed herbs.
I added cheddar cheese on it. 
It taste great! 


Anonymous said...

gambar after mana wehhh.....

Lady of Leisure said...

hihi kalau ke salun di sana mcm tu yer..
mmg beza lah dari sini...
i tengah nak simpan rambut panjang.. but still pi salum buat treatment, kalau tidak rambut jadi kejung, rambut i jenis kering.. kalau lama tak buat jadi lion king la jawabnya..

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: itu le gambo after... gambo sebelumnya tak ambek le.. heheh

Lady of Leisure: bestkan saloon kat malaysia.. buat treatment tak le mahal sgt kan... heheh.. ok ape rambut lion king? hehehe

Woman IN PinK said...

mim, sik pat lawan kedei MOI di BDC ooo..

melovesfood said...

aok eh sarah.. best ada jak diurut palak di MOI ya oo..

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