Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fried Noodle Mamak Style

Oh, I'm not having any no-rice diet like Ibusinga

I know, I know, it looks hideous. But the taste, walllahhhhhhh!!!!
I wish I have kicap mee or kicap pekat here.
Mrgrammarindahouse likes it a bit darker.
(that's why die suka saya, saya kan hitam, eh salah, tan gitu)
This is a very simple recipe from Kak Nor.
Since kangkung @ water spinach is considered expensive here,
I used pak choi.
And I didn't put any tomatoes, because it will make the noodle too sticky.
Besides, I don't like tomatoes.
You guys should try this recipe.
I think this one can compete with the one in Sapiah Restaurant, Taman Universiti, JB.
But this recipe doesn't use any yesterday's fried chicken like them.
Hah! Kan terbocor rahsia korang pakai ayam semalam, mcm aku taktau!!
Anyway, I still love Sapiah!


Anonymous said...

5 hari tanpa nasik..
still menten..
(jangan letak nasi lemak daun pisang depan aku dah...tak tahan wooo.....)

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: kalau org dulu2 mesti tak tahan diet kan.. sebab pagi2 ade je budak2 jual nasi lemak sambil jerit "nasik lemak..nasik lemak daun pisang".. perhhh.. cobaaaannnn!!!!

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