Thursday, 8 October 2009

Don't Get Duped by...

..this product..
If you are obsessed with slimming products,
you must heard about Acai Berry and Life Cleanse.

Media says Heidi Klum and Britney also used this product to shed some pounds.
Yes, you can find it in any pharmacies (especially in UK & US).
But some people used the obsession of getting physically beautiful to fool people.
They promote it is a free product but the customer need to pay the P&P.
Yes, the customers feel happy seeing the word: FREE.
They signed up and paid the P&P.
After they hit the submit button,
they happened to read the T&C at the bottom of the page,which is in a very tiny print.
It says, if you don't cancel the account, they will charge you with GBP69!!
AND unless you call to cancel, you'll continue to get a fresh one-month supply of AcaiBerry Detox every 30 days for the low price of GBP 69.
(Bukan leh makan pun, contains gelatin, cisssss!!)

It's a scam!
It's the biggest daylight robbery!

(Ehem.. ehem.. tuan punya blog dah terkena, terpaksa call bank ckp kad ku kena curik..
tak dapek la samdol tu curik duit aku..kah kah kah
-->gaya gelak KOG)


sue said...

lerrr ingat ktk meli tek..mundak blh nyangkong skali..nxt yr mbak blt msia..hehe..saya rasa saya perlu firm kan bdn sy skrang la..

melovesfood said...

Kmk dah terkenak la k.sue.. so product tok nang ada dirumah kmk.. tapi sikpat makan la, nya ada gelatin

sue said...

ah aok la mah oo..kmk baruk maca menar blog ktk tek..ceh, ada juak kes mcm ya d cnun oo..jual la ngn gang ktk ya non-muslim ya..

kucingorengemok said...

tersangatla macam chandler-and-ross nak drop out of gym! jangan sampai terjebak bukak joint a/c, ye! haha... eh salah lagi, kah kah kah :p

melovesfood said...

KOG mmg peminat setia FRIENDS, kan?

Anonymous said...

tak baek tipu tau...
(kita pun kaki Friends tau...tapi episode gym tu tak pernah tgk lah...)

melovesfood said...

ntahnye, samdol tu ingat die terer.. customers lagi terer.. tutup jek debit card tu..

kalau tak silap, dlm FRIENDS chandler ngan ross nak g tutup akaun, tapi org bank tu cantek sgt, sampai terbukak joint account plak.. heheheh

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