Wednesday, 28 October 2009


One month to dateline.
Too many distractions.
Yes, I am obsessed with food and tv-drama series.

1) Desperate Housewives Season 6.
I love Bree's costumes and accesorries.

2) Ugly Betty Season 4.
I love the wittiness of Amanda's and Marc's dialogues.

3) Grey's Anatomy Season 6.
I  just love doctors in movie/tv drama series.
I watched ER when I was a child.
But I never dream to be a doctor.
Dream to marry a doctor, yes I had.

4) Dexter, Season 4.
Love the plots and casts.

They are all out at the same time, starting fall 2009.
I hope I can survive these tv distractions.



Dayang said...

sama la kita mimah..byk gilak distractionssss..lg2 byk tvshow start season baru!! haiyaaa.. siap lahh..tambah gk 1 cita true blood..thanks to your mrgrammarindahouse lah yg recommend..kih3..

melovesfood said...

dyg: kmk dah khatam true blood.. hikhik.. hilang beban sigek.. ya atas ya, ada empat igek gik.. phewww!!!

kucingorengemok said...

among cerita² kat atas tu kita tengok bujang lapok je, hehe...

melovesfood said...

KOG: bujang lapok tu all time favourite hehehe

sarukman said...

nurkasih jgn lupa

ibusinga said...

'when I was a child' please...

melovesfood said...

sarukman@mrgrammarindahouse@husband I: i tak leh start nengok nurkasih.. kang u jugak muntah darah! hikhikhik

ibusinga: ibusinga rasa saya masih a child ke? hikhikhik.. tq! saya mmg tau umo 28 tu muda lagi..

Rozie said...

yup yup yup! add nur kasih in your long list. it's just 4 episodes left then. huhu!

melovesfood said...

Rozie:taknak ah zie.. yg ada ni pun dah makan masa nak abiskan.. hehehe..

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