Friday, 23 October 2009

Crappy thought at 2.30am

It's 2.30am and I couldn't sleep.
The reason is this.
I'm thinking 'bout what the children had been through before the rescuers came.
Sad. That's what I feel.
But this is reality.
Maybe the mother is depressed.
Having four kids at the age of 22 is not normal for a young woman.
And that's why she doesn't appreciate the motherhood.
Yes, sometimes we're just exhausted.
Being a mother is not an easy job.
We complained because we don't have our own time.
But we can always go outside once in a while,
do our hair,
do some window shopping 
or having coffee, mengumpat with friends
and then come back to the kids.
It's good for one's health as well to the kids.
But binge drinking and snorting cocaine are not the options.
It's 3 am rite now.
Still couldn't sleep.
I'm going to binge on coke and tangy cheese doritos.
What a great way to release the tensions!


kucingorengemok said...

huiii, tidorrr laaa...

Anonymous said...

ha ah...
minum coke lak tu...

melovesfood said...

KOG:tak bleh tido la.. kepala asik ingat coding tak siap.. hahahahah

ibusinga: coke itu sedap! dah itu je air manis yg dah siap kat umah..air lain kena buat.. malas! heheh

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