Saturday, 31 October 2009

Coffee and Peach Pudding

Mrkamahkamah loves to watch Cbeebies channel.
One of his favourite programme is I Can Cook.
Yesterday, we watched the programme together.
(Oh, how I missed Astro's Travel and Living)
We learnt how to make Chocolate and Mandarin Pudding.
And I tried to make it, but I changed it to Coffee and Peach Pudding.

The ingredients:
• 2 heaped teaspoons of instant hot chocolate powder or coffee powder mixed with 50ml of warm water
• 1 level teaspoon of instant hot chocolate powder (to sprinkle)
• Sponge fingers, but I used rich tea biscuits @ biskut marie ler
• Mandarin or peach or et cetera (tinned or fresh)
• Cream cheese
• Plain natural yoghurt
• 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Put a layer of sponge fingers into the bottom of the small trifle bowl and pour half of the drinking chocolate mix on top. Or you can dunk the biscuits in the drinking chocolate mix and arrange it in the bowl.
2. Arrange the mandarin segments on top of the sponge fingers.

3. Put the cream cheese in the mixing bowl and whisk up till smooth.
4. Now add the yoghurt and the vanilla extract and whisk again.
5. Spoon half of the creamy cheesy mix into the small dish, hiding the mandarins and sponge fingers.

6. Now put another layer of all the ingredients. Start with the sponge fingers. Then some chocolate drink and the remaining mandarins. Finally the layer of cheesy mix just like you did before.
7. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of instant hot chocolate powder on the top, cover and place in the fridge for about an hour.

I suggest you add some sugar in cream cheese mixture.
People here try to promote healthy food to their kids, so their recipes tend to be low in sugar.
If you'd like simple recipes that you want to try out with your kids, you can go  here.

This was mine, I had it at 12am.
I slept at 9pm, trying to adjust to the weather.
(I know, ape ke hal tido kol 9mlm)
This is how it looks like at 5.30pm (masa ni lagi sejam masok isyak)

Pukul 9mlm rasa mcm pukul 11mlm ok!


Anonymous said...

ni memang level kita resepi2 cam ni...
takde sukat2
takde bakar2
boleh try...
diet nasik je...pudding tak diet...

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: alahhh.. apa lah sgt kalori puding ni.. tak same pun dgn nasik kan kan? hehehe

chuasteph said...

did u give that to yaya? he take coffee then can sleep or not? haha...i don't like the weather now. in january, it's even worse. 3:30pm dark already.

melovesfood said...

last time i gave him tiramisu (it contained coffee), he slept as usual.. u give anything to that boy, he'll eat.. except rice.. and he will slept at the same time.. which is 9pm, no matter what he ate hours before that...weird la my boy!

melovesfood said...

steph, i don't like this autumn and winter weather.. it makes me wanna sleep all the time

dayang said...

i like autumn :) but not winter! hehe.. nak try lah recipe tok..nyum22..

melovesfood said...

dayang, ibuh lupak ngkah gula.. masam gilak kelak..

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