Sunday, 6 September 2009


Headache. Felt like vomiting. Mild constipation. That's what I felt yesterday. No, I'm not pregnant because of the implant (Better be safe for mommy + student like me, even it's only 99% safe). I managed to bake kuih bingka jagung in the morning and that's it. Mrgrammarindahouse said "kalau makan nandos, sure baik nye lah". And we did. After having a nice cup of teh tarik, dates with almond inside (yummy!! but 4.89 per pack, expensive or not, am not sure), kuih bingka and fish crackers (too many starters I guess), we headed off to the only halal Nandos Restaurant here which is in Star City. True, the headache slowly went away, but it was still there, not too heavy.

Whole chicken with chips (we cannot finish it this time, so take away the leftover). Can you see Mrkamahkamah's fingers? He was trying to get the chips even when Mommy kept saying "It's hot".

Then, at 11.30pm, we already on our bed, trying to sleep. As I expected (because it already happened 4 nights in a row), Mrkamahkamah woke up and cried at 12am. It was super loud like someone trying to hit him. I gave him a bottle of milk. He stopped crying but one hour after that, he cried again and it's loud. I thought he was having a colic, so I gave him 5ml of Gripe Water. They say, if it's really colic, the infant will burps or farts (as Mrgrammarindahouse says "passing the wind", polite eh?) drinking the Gripe Water. But, he didn't. I didn't know what to do. So, I brought him to the toilet and let him play with the lamp plug. Switch on. Switch off. Switch on. Switch off. Then, I brought him back to his bed. Then he slept. It's the same trick every single nite. I'm not sure what really happened. Someone helped me, please!!!Oh, headache again!


kucingorengemok said...

nangis sebab nak main suis? this is new... hmmm

Rozie said...

1st, 4.89pd dates with almond its not expensive. as long as it is food, it is not expensive...for me at least (yes i love to eat as well:D)
2nd, bingka jagung sounds good. is it similar to puding jagung? hahaha...forgive my dumbness :p
3rd, i think yaya miss me as I miss him too and that is why he cried. owh, I really miss you kak (and cheeky lil prince too!)!

melovesfood said...

KOG: kagum kan..apsal la switch tu buleh bagi budak ni berenti nangis

Rozie: sebenonye kami taktau rega die.. main ambik jek ..ambik siap dua plak tu.. tapi mmg sedap la.. bingka jagung tu cik adik mcm bingka labu dan yg seadonye.. rupe die mcm kek.. itu la zie, akak suh dtg birm.. ko tak moh.. kalu tak, boleh kite buat dry run raya.. hehehe..

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