Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Weekdays Diet

I weighed myself this morning.
It was a good news for me.
So, I decided to start my weekdays diet.
(On weekends we have several open house invitations.
Small liver tuan rumah kalau die tgk kite tak makan beria2. Tak baik tau! )
For breakfast, I had a slice of bread with butter and nuttela spread
(normally, two or more)
with a cup of tea.
Come lunch.
I decided to have a small box of salad.
Then head to the cafe.
Saw the cold prawn on the counter.
My favourite prawn salad.Yummy.
Have to make a decision: salad or prawn salad.
(I haven't eat the prawn salad for quite a while, since the cafe does not sell it during term break)
Chose prawn salad.

There goes my diet.
See the prawn salad size?
(buat2 lupa plak size die beso gedabak)

Next time, order SALAD ONLY!


kucingorengemok said...

makan separuh, separuh lagi simpan besok :)

melovesfood said...

kalau dah ada depan mata, mane leh tahan..kena la sebat...

chuasteph said...

that's a LOT of prawn.

melovesfood said...

Am confused sometimes, whether I ordered prawn salad or prawn with salad.hemm... but , it is sure yummy either way..

Woman IN PinK said...

or prawn with a little bit of salad.hahhhaa..:)

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