Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Size Zero vs Size 18 Diet

Here's the size zero diet, if you all interested:

BREAKFAST : Chocolate cereal squares without milk; coffee
LUNCH: Chicken breast, packet of walkers baked crisps, cordial with water
DINNER: Pasta with pesto and a little parmesan cheese, cordial with water
SNACKS: Four chocolate digestives; an apple
ALCOHOL: One white wine spritzer a week

I say, boring...

Here's what I like, size 18 diet:

BREAKFAST : Porridge with linseed, honey and cranberries
LUNCH: Wholemeal sandwich, or avacado and chicken salad, or whole pasta with tomato sauce, or miso soup
DINNER: Fish or chicken with fibrous carbs -for example, leek, cauliflower, peppers
SNACKS: A handful of nuts or seeds
ALCOHOL: 2 glasses of wine if out for dinner, and up tp 10 glasses of vodka if out on weekend

Don't worry, I won't try the size-18-diet. :)
All I want is size-10 diet.
I'll substitute the alcohol with sparkling mineral water or coke
(Diet coke not yummy at all!)

p/s: FYI, all I found on the net about size-10-diet is try not to eat more than 1,200 calories a day.


kucingorengemok said...

jenuh nak kira kalori tu, mengganggu nikmat makan, hihi

melovesfood said...

semua diet2 ni mmg menganggu nikmat makan.. ishh pelik betol, makin berumur, makin plak berselera.. hehehe

Rozie said...

haha...mesti envy dgn sy yg bersize 10 ini...huhuhu

melovesfood said...

hehehe.. takpe ko zie..mari kite tgk, apakah akan jadi selepas rozie kawin.. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

1200 calories ya...
lepas raya bolehlah ...
time2 raya..rugi tuu..

melovesfood said...

kalau kat malaysia, rugi lah kot kalau start diet masa raya.. kat sini takpe, sendiri jugak yg masak..hehehe

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