Monday, 7 September 2009

Recipe: 15-minute Cheesecake

Biskut Marie or Rich Tea Biscuit (the amount? depends on how big your tupperware is)

Nestle cream 1 can or Single cream (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury...up to you)
Half can of Condensed Milk

Cream cheese or Philadephia soft cheese 250g/500g( up to you.. )
Half can of Condensed Milk

Cheesedale or cheddar cheese grated

1. Put a layer of aluminium foil in the air-tight tupperware (/baking tin
2. Mix the Nestle cream or single cream with half can of condensed milk (Use spoon, not mixer)
3. Dunk the biscuits in the mixture and arrange it in the tupperware. Make sure there is no empty area in the tupperware.
4. Mix the soft cheese or cream cheese with half can of condensed milk (Use spoon, not mixer)
5. Spread the mixture on the biscuits base.
6. Sprinkle the grated cheese on the mixture.
7. Close the tupperware, if you are using the baking tin, wrapped it with aluminium.
8. Put in the fridge.
9. Try to be patient and don't open the tupperware every 5 minutes.
(tau la bulan posa, jgn la duduk depan peti ais...sabo!)
10. The cake will be ready in 2-3 hours, depends on your fridge temperature.

p/s:If you can finish the whole thing in one go, that's fine. If not, make sure secure the tupperware tightly or wrapped the baking tin again. Otherwise, the grated cheese will become hard (is it the right term? belasah la labu)


chuasteph said...

eh, that means total one whole can of condensed milk. not too sweet ka like that?

melovesfood said...

tak la steph.. the cheese punye rasa lagi kuat compared to the milk..

sue said...

mah, kmk baruk coba molah apple crumble tek..wuah..nyamannnnnnnnnnnnn...haha..ka ktk pande molah?kmk baruk 1st time molah.hehe

melovesfood said...

Steph: use a small tin of condensed milk, not the can with a blue lid, that's huge.

Sue: Lom penah molah.. rasanya ada kedak apple pie ka? kmk suka gilaaa apple pie, mun sama, maok la coba molah...

sue said...

mah, mun apple pie ada nya pun luaran ya..kmk sik pande molah nak luaran crumble tok tek kmk modified..instead of make plain flour, kmk tukar ke sikit..kekekeke..

g ktk ke site ya..siap ada video babe..hehe..

Aqil said...

nampak sedap...nk kene try wat nih ;D

DeLancrettLurpak said...

sgt sedap dan addictive!!! bahayaaa!!!

MaMaMoDeN said...

Mah...biskut marie d hancor ka x perlu?

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