Wednesday, 16 September 2009


My plan today is to install the Matlab software and run the codes. I have no idea it will take quite some time to install the software. While waiting for the installation to complete, I baked. This time, I didn't go to Sainsbury's to buy things as required in the recipe. The recipe required 4-5 slices of cheese, I didn't have that. What I have is grated cheddar cheese, oh what the heck, it is all the same because the cheese will be combined with the milk later. So busy making sure there is no glitch in installing the software and at the same time baking the cheese cake, I walked back and forth to the kitchen. Yes! The software is ready in my notebook (darl, can I have new netbook? This notebook seems heavy. *wink *wink). Too happy with the Matlab status, I accidentally skipped one step in the recipe. I was supposed to mix the yolks with the cheese+milk batter. Then, add the flour. Instead, I mixed the yolks with the flour, then I poured the cheese+milk batter. Hemm.. Let's see what I have:
Align CentreNot high enough eh?

While still figuring out why the Matlab codes that I run returned something weird, I decided to make the cake topping, chocolate ganache. Me being Nigella-wannabe, I mixed icing sugar, golden syrup and the chocolate bars and put it in the microwave. This is the result:

The ganache is half-burnt! Supposed I need to put the three ingredients in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, not microwave-ing the whole thing! However, here's the final look of my cake:

Oh, I'm not using the half-burnt ganache. This is the new ganache that I made just now, still using microwave, just to prove that it can be done this way (kalau dah degil kan!).

I think I'm not that good at multitasking. Sigh.


fauza said...

testing testing.. masa posa tok kebulor jak nangga site mimah tok ehh.. menggoda jiwa eh.

melovesfood said...

hehehe... sidak padah tok website yg haram bulan posa.. heheheh

bobotnear said...

cheesecake saya mana????

melovesfood said...

Ehemm.. dtg rumah kalu nak.. takde delivery bulan posa ni.. heheh..

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