Thursday, 3 September 2009

Insensitive Commercial, Freedom to Voice and My Story

I read one article about insensitive commercial aired by NTV7. So, I googled to find that commercial but to no avail. Instead, I found a Malaysian forum discussing this issue and I think most of them are blaming the so-called "fat people". These are the awful comments :

#1:Siapa makan cili padi, rasa panas la tu.
#2:fat people !!!
#3:Kurangkan wanita gemuk yang tidak sihat.
#4:The jealousy and revenge of the FAT female ler. Dah la gemuk, komen lagi. I laugh at all fat female. They are disgusting human.
#5:fat people should all die of h1n1--> super cruel!
#6:Dah tahu badan mcm BADAK, diet +exercise la.

My view: Kejam nye korang! Pheew! Lucky, I am not that fat (fat till you be called hippopotamus) and obviously, those comments didn't tear me apart. Anyway, it's just one of the commercial tactics. They just want to provoke you to sign up for their slimming programme. But I think the commercial strategy really works. Why? Because I, myself have two experiences in signing up the slimming programme. One is when I realized that I already gained 10kilos in few months and the other one is when I realized that I have 6months before the wedding day. Both beauty centres used famous people to attract a normal-plump-people like me (I felt for that trick!). And I was nearly 4k broke to sign for another treatment at the most famous slimming centre, just to discard the belly fat after pregnancy and luckily I didn't.

Not that I say the slimming programme is a scam, it really works to some people. In my case, I lost 5 kilos in both attempts (mind you, in 2-3 months and that was super quick). It wasn't going to work if I didn't control my diet. I only quenched the water whenever I craved for something and the most heavy thing I ate was Mee Hoon Soto. Definitely, no rice, no bread. Your weight will be maintained (after you finish the program), if you continue the diet and do lots of exercises (I attended aerobic classes three times a week after my first attempt). See, the slimming programme need your part/role, their machines cannot do much. The machines only help you to lose the fatty tissue super quick but if you don't execute the maintenance plan right after the programme finish, you'll gained more weight. It happened to me on my second attempt.

I know I can only shed few kilos if I do diet and exercise. But it will be enough for me as long as I'm healthy and happy (and rich and I can wear jeans size 10 and Mrgrammarindahouse and I have our PhD and Mrkamahkamah will be a good boy.. upps the list can go on and on ), rite?

After all, it is just a scale.
Food tempation vs Diet? Food win, yay!


ll ratna ll said...

I agree wiv u, food always win! yay! Wish that I am a good eater like u..

melovesfood said...

in order to be a good eater and food-slave, great determination is all we need...hehehe

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