Friday, 18 September 2009

Our Favourite...

..Stir-fry Bean-sprouts with Chives

If I want to eat a simple yet the best vegetable dish, then I have to endure the pain of processing the bean-sprouts, where the root will be thrown away. The root will not effect the taste but the dish will looks ugly with it. For the amount as in the picture, it took nearly 15mins to process.
Anyone knows the short cut for this process?
I know...
The kids...:)
Like my mom did...


Anonymous said...

dulu2 upah doposen je..
sekarang 5 euro

melovesfood said...

mak saya tak bg upah pun.. tapi oleh kerana jelingan tajam matanya itu, kite buat jugek la.. takut oo..derhaka nanti...

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