Friday, 7 August 2009

Twenties Girl

This entry is dedicated to Oon and it is about the latest edition of Sophie Kinsella's collection, Twenties Girl. I've read and my comment: go get it girl!! (I mean, NOW!!). Magnificent compared to the previous one, Remember me but the level of excitement is like when you read Undomestic Goddess. I like the way she describes all the twenties dresses and it's brilliant if the author can add all of Sadie pictures in her glorious dress and make up (well, I have a very bad imagination). But, some of the scene in the book happened at the London Eye, Tower Bridge and tube station, and that, I can imagined, because I've been there (although I haven't set my foot in the capsule of London Eye). Parents, don't worry, there is no bunny-mugging description in the book, so go on, buy it for your teens. You'll love it, girl! Tally-ho!

p/s: my dear darling bought this book for me on our anniversary, thanks darling!!!


Rozie said...

i still couldn't find one! a.wandi beli kat mane? adehhhh

melovesfood said...

beli kat amazon le cik kak.. kami pun puas carik kat birm.. tak jumpe.. org england ni gile baca buku..

ll ratna ll said...

wes...harus beli~~~
mintak as adiah bulan pose pun aci ni..(kekeke.. alasan xna beli gune du8 sendiri...zas!)

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