Sunday, 16 August 2009

2009 Malaysia Merdeka Carnival

Clockwise: Cendol, Otak2, Chicken or Lamb Murtabak (not sure), Satay and its condiments. Middle: Pulut Inti

We started our day with fried rice and jemput-jemput, courtesy from the host, Rozie and Izza. Then, we were headed off to Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre in Brickendonbury, Hertfordshire to join the 2009 Malaysia Merdeka Carnival. When we arrived, lots of people were there with their own picnic mattress and some of them brought their tent as well as portable table and chairs. There were two bouncing castles and a puppet show booth for kids, exhibitions from company like MAS and High Commision of Malaysia and many stalls selling Malaysian food. The first aim was to find the cendol or ABC, despite the windy day. After we spotted a stall selling the cendol, we started to find a best place to put our things and mattress. We find a nice one under a tree facing all food stalls, we don't bother to join the crowd, where most of them sat in front of the stage (because the aim is to eat, not too see Malaysian people singing or dancing). The cendol is not yummy (at all!), I think because they used instant coconut milk (we definitely will get the mamak cendol in Jasin next year, anae, we missed your cendol la!). The owner of cendol stall gave us one free otak2.But she chose a wrong person to promote their otak2, I'm truly otak2 fan and I only go for Kempas otak2. So, we tasted it and the verdict: it doesn't even taste like one, it taste like raw prawn, yuckss!). After the failed attempt of cendol and otak2 making, we don't want to waste our pound sterling money on ABC (the cheapest one was 2.50pound, but the color of the ABC is not happening at all!). We only have lamb and chicken murtabak, pulut inti, chicken satay with its condiments and teh tarik. I really wanted to eat the carrot cake but before I decided to buy it, I just realized that the carrot cake was sold at the cendol and otak2 stall, so I don't want to take any risks. One of the burmies, Kak Dini and her team also took part in this event. They were selling nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, ayam percik, hot karipap and laksa johor. The nasi dagang was on my must-eat-list, but there was quite a queue there, so I just ignore my crying stomach (I'm regretting it now! Oh yummy nasi dagang, hope that they will serve nasi dagang if they organize Eid Fitr open house this year *wink *wink). One of Malaysia ministers officiate the carnival (a small carnival like this also need someone came all the way from Malaysia just to officiate the event, what a waste! ). The launching gimmick was disaster because they attempted to fly a big ballon on the windy day (I guess they hadn't even bother to check the weather forecast). I wasn't sure who sang Jamal Abdillah's song (Kau kekasih awal dan akhir) but his voice was not good (Sorry! I was expecting to hear something from P.Ramlee or Saloma or Dato' S.M Salim or Kak Pah). The only celebrity that I managed to spot there was Fiza Elite with her son, I want Datuk CT la! That's my report on the carnival and poja, please enjoy the food (only pictures :)).


umaisagu said...

tq mim 4 the photos.. nangga pics pun cukup lahh..hehhe.. Otak2 nya sama cam di jb ka?

melovesfood said...

Otak2 nya sik nyaman .. hehehe..

Diny said...

Salam Hamimah, U must come to my house for the nasi dagang one day if you miss the one on the coming eid.Hehe..189 Quinton Rd ye..

Kak Diny

melovesfood said...

Sure K.Diny.. Bgtau la kalau ada nasi dagang dirumah yek.. Saya dtg je kalau dijemput hehehe :)

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