Thursday, 27 August 2009

Malay Food Glossary (ver 2.0)

1. Roti Canai
Hand-tossed flat bread (please refer to this picture).

2. Roti Canai Tampal Goyang
A same base used to make Roti Canai with one sunny side up egg on the top of the roti canai and the yolk is still wobbling when served.

3. Sambal belacan
Please refer to Ms Wiki

4. Laksa Johor
Spagetti served with sambal belacan and blended fish in coconut milk broth

5. Teh Tarik
Please refer to Ms Wiki

6. Tempe
Refer to this.

7. Nasi Ambeng
This is a Java dish. Plain rice served with the following side dishes : chicken in soy sauce, stir-fry pounded chilli , savoury coconut, stir-fry vercimmelli, salted fish, fresh vegetables (i.e: cucumber) and fried tempe (optional).

8. Abuk-abuk
One of my favourite delicacies. It is a combination of sago pearls and palm sugar steamed in banana leaves. Hard to imagine? Click here.

9. Budu
Fermented achovies sauce.

10. Nasi Kerabu
Blue colored rice (plain rice will do) served with fried fish or fried chicken, fish crackers, budu and raw vegetables.

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