Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Long Time No See (Lama Tak Nampak?)

It's a common phrase. You used it in your daily conversation and it is known as a conversation starter. But sometimes, even a normal phrase can turned to be a "killer phrase". I had experienced this situation, back in UNIMAS. Most of academicians spent their time doing a lot of works (preparing notes, marking, reading journals, doing research (read: facebooking), reading thesis, mengumpat) in their own room or sometimes they request to do their works in the lab, library, The Spring and etc.. That makes most of us are not available all the time and people occasionally see us in the main office. So, when I met this person, I just bluntly said "Long time no see". Guess what, she/he looked like she/he was taken aback. And she/he defended herself/himself and said "I was really busy with bla bla bla..boring ..snore ". I didn't need to know what she/he was doing, it was just an expression of "happy to see you". I was really sorry at that time and didn't mean to be so sarcastic. But some people used this phrase as a sarcasm note and I really hate these people (Don't you have anything nice in your brain? Do I need to explain to you what's happening back at home, in my office, in school, pal you selfish moron?). This kind of situation also occurred during extended-family gathering, alumni, red-cross club meeting and even a social club. So, my advice, don't use this phrase anywhere because you might hurt somebody (they will have a small liver towards you :)). My message for today: watch our own mouth.

P/s: this entry has nothing to do with food (same as the last one). I'm really not in the mood of baking or cooking but giving you people evil, yes I am.

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