Friday, 21 August 2009

Instant for Desperate People

Instant food is obviously for desperate people. I'm not sure about you all, but when I was in Malaysia I almost never care about instant food except Maggie Noodle. We can get everything then and there in Malaysia, you want to eat Laksa Johor, just go to Laksa Shack or if you want to eat Roti Canai Tampal Goyang, just go to the nearest Mamak Restaurant (Mamak stall is almost extinct, globalization takes place, so does Mamak).

So, desperate people like me, we just discovered that our favourite Chinese supermarket, Wing Yip (I like the motto, "All the Chinese you need to know"), does sell Kraft Roti Canai, complete with dhall curry. Hooray!!! Here is the instant breakfast for desperate people in Birmingham.

We can not find instant teh tarik(is there such thing?) and the result is non-"kaw"teh tarik.

I'm not sure whether I want to show my teh tarik or my cute mug or my brand new IKEA teapot in this picture (Ehem ehem, IKEA kitchen cutlery is on sale!). Ok people, if you can find instant nasi ambeng, please let me know. :)

p/s (i): Malay food glossary version 2 is coming up to describe roti canai tampal goyang, laksa johor, teh tarik, nasi ambeng and et cetera.

p/s(ii):Mrgrammarindahouse is in 90's Malay song mood, he is singing Spring's song next to me, goshh!!!


Susie said...

hahah...i agree..TOTALLY agree that isntant food is for desperate people..hahaha...

melovesfood said...

susie,I have never been so desperate rite now.. so sad loo

kucingorengemok said...

haha kita suka tu - roti canai tampal goyang, spesifik! tu pun nanti mamak boleh salah buat :)

melovesfood said...

KOG, kalu dkt kuching, jgn le buat pasal nak order roti canai tampal goyang, mamak boleh garu kepala tau.. :)

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