Sunday, 30 August 2009

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

I love the people, but I hate their mentalities.
Mentalities according to Ms Wiki means a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

I love the cultures, but sometimes I hate it.
The cultures sometimes makes me feel annoyed, sorry!

I love the traffic rules (the right turn rule in UK is crazy!), but sometimes I hate the drivers
Courtesy is the best policy. Give your way to other people and the other one, smile and show your thank you sign please.

I love the multiracial community, but I don't like people being racist
The Malaysian adults like to calling-names, it's like in primary school, only sound more harsh. Please be sensitive.

I love the weather, but I hate the pollution.
Please recycle things that you don't want any more. Recycle here means give to other people in need.

I hate the goods' prices, especially the food and house prices.
No wonder poverty is a common thing in a rich country.

I hate that they don't have civic awareness (some people here are just the same)
Put the litter in your pocket till you find the bin! The public toilets are our responsibilities. So, clean as you go!

I love Malaysian food!
When I think about Malaysia, to be honest, this is the only factor that makes me feel proud.

It's my love-hate relationship with Malaysia.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!
Let's change for a better future!

p/s: what's best to celebrate Independence Day? Murtabak?

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