Saturday, 15 August 2009

Five portions in 12 hours

I woke up this morning and I have quite a headache (yesterday sugar problem leads to migraine). Haven't pack all the stuffs to bring to Rozie's. Need to take a painkiller to make sure that I didn't suffer in the journey to London. So, need to have a heavy breakfast to go with the painkiller and I ate plain rice with chicken in soy sauce (yesterday's leftover). Four hours later, I arrived at Rozie's, she already prepared salmon asam pedas. It was so yummy that I must have another helping of rice. Then, come dinner. Rozie and Izza prepared chicken sambal with stir fry vegetable. Again, I have two adult portions of rice. In 12 hours, I already had rice 3 times and it's 5 adult portions. After that, I went to the bathroom, I weighed myself. Guess what, I'm beyond the normal BMI, it's 28! End of this year I'll be 28, that's it means that the older I get the higher BMI I'll have ? Goshh!!!

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