Monday, 17 August 2009

Dinner @ Satay House, Lunch @ Malaysian Hall and Dinner @ Selly Oak BBQ

Clockwise: Mee Bandung, Deep Fried Calamari, Begedil, Curry Mee

I made a reservation at Satay House, two weeks before we went to London. The restaurant is quite famous and you definitely won't get a table on weekends without a reservation. (I had an experience so I know). We heard that Mee Bandung in Satay House is yummy and that was the reason why we chose Satay House. So, Mee Bandung was on our list-to-order. But the taste was not the same as Mee Bandung Muar but it definitely has a Mee Bandung taste (you got what I mean?). Rozie ordered Curry Mee and she said that it was quite nice. Seeing other people (the restaurant was fulled with non-Malaysians except us) have their own starter, we also like to try some. Our starter were Deep Fried Calamari and Begedil (fried mashed potato and meat). The starters were good especially the Begedil.

The next day plan was to visit Madame Tussaud's, then we had our big lunch at Malaysian Hall. Oh my! There were lots of choices in Malaysian Hall cafe. My target is to have Ikan Patin Masak Lemak Cili Api. But when we were there, the only option for Ikan Patin was Asam Pedas. So, I decided to take away the fish (for next day lunch) while I ate Sambal Ikan Keli, Liver in Soy Sauce and Potatoes with Tempe Sambal. All food were superb especially the Ikan Keli and Ikan Patin (I tasted some from Rozie's plate, :)). The price here was quite cheap compared to Satay House but it is truly Malaysian taste. On our way to Rozie's place, me and Mrgrammarindahouse have decided to visit Malaysian Hall cafe every time we are in London. Support Malaysian food (only the yummy and cheap one)!!

After stucked for nearly 1 hour in M1 (both lanes were closed, most people were out of their vehicles to find out what's happening at that time), we finally arrived at Pak Len's, 3 hours plus late. The Selly Oak people organized a summer BBQ and when we arrived, most of them were done eating. They barbecued chicken wings, lamb and chicken sausages. there were also food like Fried Noodle (finished already, :( ), tiramisu, rojak buah and et cetera. I only have 1 slice of lamb, rojak buah and a slice of tiramisu, I was too full (because of the heavy lunch at Malaysian Hall) but they were kind enough to let me take away some raw chicken wings to be roasted at home.

I don't have any pics for Malaysian Hall food. But if you are new in London, I only can tell you that, it is sure yummy compared to other places selling Malaysian food. For Selly Oak community, good food can be enjoyed with great companies, I really like the food as well as the people, so wait until next BBQ, I'll bring my pot luck. :)


Woman IN PinK said...

Mim, good to know you found your 'best friend' a.k.a. good food.:)

Anonymous said...

good ol Satay House is still standing yah?
good food kan..
t'was 13 years ago..but still can remember the way to that place..

melovesfood said...

Sarah: hehehe.. the only skill I have is finding good food...I'm certainly brushing up my skill here.. :)

Ibusinga: yupp.. Since 1973.. but the taste is not so Malaysian (tak de kick la).. might works for "org putih" but not me.. :)

chuasteph said...

malaysian hall food good and cheap ka? hehehe...i wanna try soon :-)

melovesfood said...

Malaysian hall food so nice la steph and paling murah la..heheh.. bile nak pegi london ni? you might think twice nak bawak stroller utk your daughter.. because tube station in London tak stroller-friendly.. 1-2 station je ada lift.. yg lain, you have to carry the stroller up and the escalator is 45 degree steep.. tapi demi good food, I sanggup :)

kucingorengemok said...

salam... satay house? hmm, macam pernah dengar, macam pernah pegi :)

melovesfood said...

yupp.. rasanya malaysian restaurant yg paling lama kot dkt bumi london.. ade masuk majalah 3.. hehehe

umaisagu said...

yumm yumm yummy..begedil my fav..satay ya sik makan mim?.Lupak nanyak ktk bila sidak malaysia hall bukak majlis ramah tamah raya.. leh makan free.. hope a week after raya alang2 kat sia..

melovesfood said...

satay kmk sik makan... tapi they say the satay was nice jugak.. cuba ktk check dkt MSD pun website : Nya akan polah announcement dkt sia.. hehehe

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