Friday, 14 August 2009

Am I committing carbicide?

Just had 3 shortbreads, 1 belgian chocolate cookie, milk chocolate ice cream and few corn snack (stole some of Mrkamahkamah's snack). I'm feeling dizzy rite now. Too many sugar I guess. On the cooling rack, I have my cherry cheesecake that I baked for Rozie. Yupp, we're going to London tomorrow for our unfinished bussiness (what else, food adventure) and to see Michael's latest wax figure in Madame Tussaud's (we're not Michael's fan, we just wanna take a couple pictures with him,I mean the wax). Back to the topic, I'm not committing carbicide, it just that the more I think, the larger portion of food I'll take. Remember, I'm on my Permanently Hungry and Depress journey. Oh my! I wonder how big I'll end up if I kept going like this. :(

p/s: I'll put up some of the London Merdeka Carnival food pics next week, especially for Poja. :)


chuasteph said...

wah...sounds like me. that's how i got my 3kg that i am still unable to lose up till now.

melovesfood said...

it's weird la steph.. i felt like i must change from size 14 to size 12. But the weight is kept increasing.. why hah?

umaisagu said...

Can't wait for the 'yummy' photos.. wish I can get the taste of the malaysian food during Belfast's Hari Raya Open house and also jalan2 cari makan @ London after raya.. ;)

Steph: No time for gym or any sports activities? atleast we can lose few kilos.. miss those days especially time bujang.

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