Saturday, 25 July 2009

Tinseltown, here we come!

Left: It's mine, Cherry Bakewell Milkshake. Right: Mrgrammarindahouse's, Strawberry Smoothies

I'm not sure whether fruit smoothies and milkshake are either for starter or dessert. I don't even know what makes milkshake different from smoothies. :) . Anyway, we really like Tinseltown's milkshake, especially the one with peanut butter. For this reason, we spent 45 minutes travelling, just to go to the nearest Tinseltown's branch, which is in Leicester. We arrived at 11.45am and found out that restaurant opens at 12pm (silly me, too excited and forgot to check the opening time at their website). So, we spent another 15 minutes strolling around the building. When we came back, it already opened and we were their first customer, yay!

We travelled all the way from Birmingham, just to eat chips and salad?Nope. It was just a side dish. Please take a look at the next picture.

From the top: one chunk of beef (huge one!!), then we have lambs (6 medium chunks) and 2 slices of chicken fillets. YUMMY!! This portion serves for two persons (as they say in the menu). But it doesn't and obviously, we cannot finish this one. We also ordered the next menu (BBQ Chicken Wings with chips) for Mrkamahkamah.

Mrgrammarindahouse didn't like this one but i kinda like it, so did Mrkamahkamah. That's what we had in Tinseltown today, oh please hate me now, I LOVE TINSELTOWN!


Rozie said... tinseltown ek? i just came back from tinseltown, this time I've tried the red hot beef burger and it was super delicious! nyumy nyumy!

melovesfood said...

best kan.. rasa nak makan lagi..nasib baik pulus tidak mengizinkan..hehehe

daria said...


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