Thursday, 9 July 2009

Roti Khurasan and Murtabak


I survived yesterday with a quite terrible headache and I'm not so sure that I can finish my other 20 days fasting debt. It's not a matter of feeling hungry and thirsty (because yesterday was quite cold) but it seems like my body can't distribute the sugar supplies evenly (for 17 hours and 39 minutes). When the sugar is low in the body, automatically we will have the headache. I started to feel the headache around 7pm and it was 2 hours and 30 minutes before the time to break the fast. But different story in Malaysia, I will have the headache during fasting because of the temperature. It's hot in Malaysia!

Back to the title of this entry, Roti Khurasan and Murtabak. On my way back from the school, using the same route to the car park, I smelt a very "happening" odour. Why "happening"? Because I felt like I was just passing a pasar malam a.k.a street market in Malaysia. I can smelled the Roti Khurasan and Murtabak. I know it was only in my imagination because there were no one around/at the cafe at that particular time. Most of us are familiar with murtabak and for me the yummiest murtabak came from that one stall in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia. How about Roti Khurasan? I bet most of you don't know what is roti khurasan except people who used to live or still live in Pekan, Pahang. It was made from a large bap (normally they used burger bread) and they put minced meat with a very a special sauce in the middle of the bap. Then, the bap is wrapped with a spring roll sheet and the last step is to deep fried the whole thing. Mrgrammarindahouse says it is a very unhealthy type of bread. Who cares! I like it! Anybody knows how to make the roti khurasan special sauce? Oh I love Murtabak and Roti Khurasan!


bobotnear said...

love murtabak n roti khurasan..ingatkan satu malaysia ada roti khurasan tu..dulu kat kuantan org al-arqam slalu jual kat pasar malam

CikSengal said...

dah lama tak makan roti khurasan.. sedapnye..

melovesfood said...

tak ramai org tau ape itu roti khurasan.. sedapnye!

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