Monday, 27 July 2009

Ratna's Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding sounds yummy to me but I never try to make one and I'm not sure why. Past few days I read one of my good friend/my ex-housemate (back in Skudai, Johor) blog and I came across the recipe. I have everything in my kitchen and so, I gave it a try. The verdict: YUMMYYY!!! This is the easiest dessert recipe and if you are kinda lazy person, this recipe REALLY suits you! However, Ratna used raisin (if you like raisin, use Sultana raisin) in her version, but I prefer cashew nuts (I'm a "nut" person :)). Btw, I baked my pudding using my latest collection of Pyrex. Only £1.75(RM10.45) in Asda and people in Malaysia, please feel jealous :).


::ratna:: said...

hmmm nampak sungguh lazat~~
simple gaban kan k.mimah na prepare. hehehehe..

hmm, i think, kalu topping tebal sket sure cun bebeh... and yup! sgt la jeles ngan pyrex mu itew!

melovesfood said...

sebenarnye akak salah buat topping nye..akak malas nak akak pegi cairkan butter..akibatnye, pudding itu sungguh lemak dan manis.. dan topingnya sudah hilang :(

ratna said...

ahaaa.. my bread pudding.

melovesfood said...

hehehe.. sempena nama org yg bg recipe ni.. ramai plak org nama ratna yek.. hehehe

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