Thursday, 16 July 2009

Fabulous Movie and Supplies from Malaysia

Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince is a emmm... fantastic, fabulous movie (compared to The Order of the Phoenix). No exact words to describe the whole feeling right now. Even though the plot of the movie is already anticipated by yours truly (because I read the whole collection,yupp, 27 years old mom did read Harry Porter books and proud of it!) but I still feel sad at the end of the movie. Am not crying because I'm afraid Mrgrammarindahouse (who kept yawning few times during the movie) will laugh at me. For those who really fond of Harry Porter movies (you Potties, I know you love Harry Porter!), go on, book your ticket and enjoy the movie.

When I arrived home, I found a parcel from my mom. It contains (see the pictures), FOOD! Mee Bandung and Chicken Korma will be on my menu this week. My mom also sent dried and salted anchovies and they are PEELED (without head and the black thingy between it)! My mom knows me so well (her one and only, lazy daughter). I love my mom!!


Hikbal Ujir said...

"My mom knows me so well (her one and only, lazy daughter)"
mak said: Tau xpe..

Rozie said...

haha...kak mimah, ive got tonnes of it!

melovesfood said...

cheh!! tu rasa tak cukup especially kerisik.. masa raya mesti nak pakai banyakk

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