Monday, 20 July 2009

Dream a Little Dream..

As I waiting patiently for my code to stop running, for some reason this bl**dy codes did not stop running, I started to daydream. Not dreaming to have a handsome prince because I have mine already (wink* wink* to Mrgrammarindahouse). But to have a perfect kitchen (what a little dream, I know!). So, I did some surfing (not using the surf board, not funny eh?) and found this application on IKEA wesbite. You can design your chosen room, be it kitchen or bedroom or workspaces. This is my dream kitchen and it cost around £5798.30, including the oven, microwave, stove and fridge/freezer. That's not including the kitchen utensils, culinary sets, the Tefal pots/pans, my KitchenAid, the list could go on and on. It's obviously expensive and I would not spend around RM45k on my dream kitchen (I'm cheap, so what?). I guess, I'll be shaking hands with Ah Seng the Interior Designer and hopefully they will charge me half of this (RM10k, can la tokey, I'll promote you to my friend lo!). But first, I need to have my own house (Chettt, berangan jek lebih!)


umaisagu said...

hahahha..mim, sempat agik ktk berangan..InsyaAllah akan termakbul juak interior home design ktk kelak.. :)..

melovesfood said...

hrmm.. sik tauk la poja.. mun ada rezeki.. abiskan Permanently Hungry and Depress tok dolok.. heheh

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