Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cupcakes for Mileen's Birthday

 this photo was taken from google site.. credit to the owner of the photo!

Today is Mileen's birthday. I already bought all the tools to decorate the cupcakes that I planned to bake a day before her birthday. But something happen yesterday and I didn't manage to find a right time to do this little project. And so, here is the 30th birthday cupcakes for Mileen, happy birthday Mileen!


bobotnear said...

terharu den..hehehe..thank you

melovesfood said...

dlm gambo jek ler.. yg realnye tak jadik lagik..heheh

Nana said...

wah seh... this is so cute!!! is it easy to make the cup cake? manis tak? eh, blog la on how to make cup cake.. i wan to learn also to surprise my fiance... please~~~~~~~

melovesfood said...

this one only a photo la Sze. But actually it's simple.. the icing cake is sure manis la.. but the cake, it depends on you. I suka buat the choc chip muffin or simple cake..later i upload the cupcake and muffin recipe.. together the icing recipe.. hehehe..btw, your fiance? bukan husband ke? heheheh

sarukman said...


Anonymous said...

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