Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bye-Bye Cooking Mama and Welcome Super Paper Mario, Bruno and Nando's

We went to Star City to watch Bruno and we arrived like 2 hours before the movie starts. While we waiting for the movie, we had our first Nando's chicken in England and it was also the first time in six years (I prefered Kenny's Chicken compared to Nando's back in Malaysia). We ordered Extra Hot Quarter Chicken. Before the chicken came, I imagined the quarter chicken would be the same size as what they have in Malaysia, the size that I will be struggling to finish. But it didn't. They used baby chicken here and it was really small like Mrkamahkamah's food portion. The taste? Super Yummy!!! I should eat there more often!! :)

There were only 15 people in the cinema (it's friday!!). It was super hilarious movie and it was better than Borat (not according to Mrgrammarindahouse). They say it is 18SX movie but I think it should be rated as Married-PeopleSX (for innocent people like me!) or I've-Seen-Almost-Everything-In-This-WorldSX. They showed "everything" in the movie except women's VJJ (why bother showing women's VJJ, it's a gay movie anyway). But I don't think FINAS will give the permit to show this movie in Malaysia and don't try to find it sold in DVD shops legally.

After the movie, we went straight to Bull Ring to trade in Cooking Mama World Kitchen game that I bought last 3 months with the price of 24.99pound. First, we went to the GAME shop and they offered 10pound for trade in or cashback. So, we went to the HMV and they gave me 17pound for trade in only. Wow!! We chose Super Paper Mario game for 16.98pound. Yay!! I have a new game. I managed to play 2 chapters of Super Paper Mario yesterday and I will play more today! (when is the time to read the papers that I brought back from the lab hah?!)

It was super fun day but it will be super fantastic if Mrkamahkamah could tag along. He's too small to sit down quietly and watch the movie. I definitely will bring him to the cinema when he understands the cinema manners (oh yeah, people here are practising the cinema manners, perfectly, not like in Kuching, KL and JB). That's for now and my stomach is killing me right now. Today's breakfast will be coconut rice with fried chicken. Daaa.....

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