Saturday, 4 July 2009

Beggars are not allowed here!!!

Yesterday was Friday. Mrgrammarindahouse went to St. Francis Hall in UoB for Friday prayer. After that, we went to Alhalal Supermarket to buy halal chicken and beef. On our way to Alhalal, we discussed about the khutbah a.k.a Friday Sermon that was given by the khatib. He talked about why most of muslims are still in great poverty and why zakat is important to help those in extreme need.

And then, we arrived at Alhalal car park. The minute I stepped out of the car, I saw a woman wearing a scarf. She brought along a little girl. It was 2.15 in the afternoon and it was hot like in Malaysia! I saw she was talking with a woman and after that she was walking towards me. She showed her palm like she was asking for something. Oh, she is a beggar. The strategy was to bring along a little girl (it doesn't work for a little boy :)) and people will start to feel sympathy. It doesn't work for me and I said no to her. Then, she said to me "Pretty woman like you give me some money". Ohh.. It doesn't work for me either. Again, I said no and I walked straight to the supermarket.

In 15 minutes, I was out from the supermarket with my chicken and beef supplies for two weeks. When I started to walk to the carpark where Mrgrammarindahouse and Mrkamahkamah were waiting in the car, I saw a young woman, maybe in her mid- twenties. She was wearing a scraf, a shirt and a mini skirt (fashion disaster!). She walked towards me and showed her empty palms. I was like "Not again!!!". I wasn't said it out loud. Again, beggar. Suddenly, I felt mad and I just want to yell straight to her face "Get a job, you lazy bum!!" Instead I just gave her my b**ch face and walked away.

When I arrived at the car, I was in anger and I let it out to mrgrammarindahouse. He suddenly said " I just gave that woman few pounds. I felt so pity for that little girl". I was like "whatt!!". Mrgrmmarindahouse really felt for that trick. Actually, it wasn't about the money. That woman and young woman should be working not begging. Plus, she brought that kid under this hot weather. It just so cruel!.

On my way to the Wing Yip Supermarket,in my head, I was asking where is the zakat money goes to? I prayed the authority doesn't give the zakat to the people who live to beg. Help people in Somalia or whoever needs food. I hate beggars!!!


sarukman said...

i hate these m*****f****** beggars on this m*****f****** plane!

melovesfood said...

apa ajak lak laki ku tok eh...

Hikbal Ujir said...

one scholar had said
to get Zakat collection is an easy task, however to distribute is the main problem. Even in the time of Umar al-Khattab he had given the Zakat to one poor family by himself, and he felt so regretful after knowing there is still people suffer during His time....something to pounder

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