Saturday, 13 June 2009

Not That Excellent!! I Mean the Marble Cake...

I was reading the Nigella's cook book and I came across one version of marble cake recipe. No weird and buy-use a little -and-throw ingredients needed (as an amateur in cooking arena, we are so excited to try a new recipe, we decided to buy everything needed in the recipe and after using just 1 teaspoon of that certain ingredient, we store it till it is expired and finally it end up in the bin). The method is so simple, all ingredients are in my kitchen and I decided to give it a try. In my whole life, I never taste anything yummiest except my aunt's marble cake (technically, she is not my aunt, she is mrgrammarindahouse's aunt). Everything feels right for her marble cake: the softness, the butter, ahhhh.. Marble cake a.k.a Kokokure Cake is mrgrammarindahouse favourite cake. His aunt will bake at least one loaf for him during Eid or in certain special occassion. So, I have someone to evaluate (this word sounds too academic, for me) my marble cake. He had a bite of it at first and then he took one portion of the cake (just 1ocm length and 1.5 cm width) and that's it. The verdict is : "something wrong with the cake, maybe lack of butter". He knew it, I was lacked of 30g butter just now. So, I know, I will be the only person who will be eating the rest of that cake, starting tomorrow!

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