Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My Mom and Her Magic Hands

My mom is still working. She is young, energetic mommy and now in her early fifties. I'm not so sure what her hobby is, but she loves to cook for us, whenever we are at home. My siblings and I spent most of our young time in boarding school, so we were sicked of the hostel food (but I kinda missed certain dishes in MRSM KK, but not MRSM Kuantan!). Every time we went back home, my mom would say " look how skinny you are" (Of course, it would be in Malay language, my mom is not English-spoken person). And every time we were packing our bags to return to the school, she would prepared sambal kacang and ikan bilis and make sure we brought it to the school. No matter how busy she is, she will always cook for us. At my mom's, we rarely eat the same dishes at night (no reheated lunch food). She will cook something different for dinner. I, definitely, was brought up with "mom-in-the-kitchen" kind of lifestyle. For me, no offence, it is weird to not cooking for your children. I know, it is kinda stress to cook every single day (considering that some jobs require us to finish our office work at home, like mine!). But, it is so worth it, if your children (including your significant other) enjoy the food that you prepared, even if it is just plain rice and fried egg, don't you think? Upps, out of topic, back to my mom. Well, here is the list of my favourite food, from my mom's kitchen:
  • curry puff (She will at least make 40 curry puffs at one time, and I will at least eat 6 of them, my siblings and mrgrammarindahouse will have 10-13. Gosh! it is the yummiest curry puffs ever)
  • sambal goreng (in fact our new addition to the family really likes this menu, right azza?)
  • kuih abuk-abuk
  • fried noodle
  • fried glass noodle with cockles
  • fried rice (this is not the normal fried rice, my mom used batu giling to grind the chillies, not a blender!) for sahur during ramadhan. My youngest brother will eat this menu for 30 days without complaining, and me too!
  • tomato rice (Superb!)
  • her teh tarik
  • beef with bone soup (I ate more of this during my maternity leaves, I really like it and I think I want to be pregnant again, so that I can have my mom's soup. )
and et cetera...

Too many to be listed here. I know it's already june, and it's kinda late to celebrate mother's day. Aren't we supposed to celebrate the people that we love everyday? So, to my mom, happy mother's day and please make me some curry puffs.


Hikbal Ujir said...

Hikbal:Correct2! I miss Ramadhan momment, the Fried Rice was soooooo GooOoooodddah...

melovesfood said...

Yupp.. Top up the fried rice with fried egg.. perhhh!!!! Put some soy sauce on it, wallahhh!!!!

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