Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I've been to....

1) Adam's Place, Birmingham 1/5.
Comment: Big portion, but it taste bland
2) Big John's, Birmingham 2/5.
Comment: Not healthy at all, but it helps you to forget KFC for a while
3) Imran's Restaurant, Birmingham 4/5.
Comment: refer to this
4) Kebab Land, Birmingham 2/5.
Comment: Yummy Kebab! But the portion is too big
5) Flavourz Buffet Restaurant, Bristol 3/5.
Comment: Yummy fried noodle. Too many selection. All chickens served are halal. Forget the lamb.
6) Harry Ramsden's, Birmingham 2/5.
Comment: Not as fantastic as Manhanttan Fish Market in Malaysia
7) Al Faisal Piatto Restaurant/Buffet, Birmingham 2/5.
Comment: The pasta is good but the selection of food is limited.
8) Druckers Vienna Patisserie, Birmingham 2/5
Comment: Oh..the cheese cake, thumbs up!
9) Cafe Soya, Birmingham 5/5
Comment: My favourite cafe in Birmingham, Try this: Chilli Pepper Squid Fried Rice
10) Shogun Teppan-Yaki, Birmingham 3/5
Comment: All-you-can-eat-sushi. Superb!
11) Cafe Rouge, Cardiff 2/5
Comment: Quite expensive but serves a right and healthy portion.
12) Starbucks, Birmingham 4/5
Comment: Yummy as usual. I always order the same beverage, Ice Blended Mocha Frappucino with cream, slurrrppp!!!
13) Caffe Gusto, Bristol 3/5
Comment: Great sandwiches.
14) Subway, Birmingham 4/5
Comment: I LOVE B.M.T Italian.
15) Domino's, Birmingham 3/5
Comment: Big portion and cheap!
16) Burger King, Birmingham 3/5
Comment: The only halal option is Ocean Catch. Yummy compared to McDonald's Fish Burger.
17) McDonalds, Birmingham 1/5
Comment: Say NO to Fillet O Fish and Spicy Vegetarian Foldover..:(. They have a partially halal branch in London. Never had a chance to visit the branch just yet.
18) SukaRamai FoodHouse, Paddington 2/5
Comment: A failure attempt to attract Malaysians to enjoy Malay food in London. Sigh.
19)Tinseltown, Hampstead 4/5
Comment: Nice Steak and Milkshake. I will definitely have a second visit to the restaurant.
20)KFC, London 2/5
Comment: Just forget it. Wait till you back in Malaysia.


umaisagu said...

Wah mim.. byknya tmpy mkn ktk g..
Ada sik meli kerepek ubi di jual sidak org petra jaya? kuar brita tv3 ya..RM20k di antar ke london untuk di jual.. bangga juak eh ada anak srwk pun product masuk pasaran UK..walaupun kerepek..hehehhe..

melovesfood said...

hahaha.. boring juak poja makan masakan dimpun. yalah once a week mesti maok makan diluar.. heheh.. hebat naa juak org petra jaya ya? mesti nyaman gilak.. or org london yg terdesak maok makan kerepek ubi? hehehe

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