Tuesday, 23 June 2009

How Cheap is Cheap?

The topic refers to food, clothing or anything that involves money. Just asked yourself how much you are willing to spend for those things and when should you say enough is enough. I am just a government servant and that means I have a fixed income (with annual bonus and increment, any news for this year bonus?). The money is just enough to pay all the mortgage, loan and of course, the credit card debt (bravo to the people who don't have any credit card(s) debt, but it's a trend you know, you should have one :)).

When money is a problem, you will choose to buy cheap things. So how cheap is cheap? Is £2.90 for a mocha frappuccino considered as expensive?Oh please, don't try to convert it to Ringgit. How about £6 for 6 sticks of Satay ( You really want to eat Satay? Go here.) I know, sometimes when it comes to food, you prefer to eat only food from your kitchen. No fast food, no restaurants/cafe. Save money, no stomach-ache.

But how about clothing? You are willing to spend hundreds (RM or £ whatever!) on your mobile phone but not your clothes. Spending RM100 on a blouse seems ridiculous to some people (for me, sometimes it does, when money is REALLY tight, tight means you need to swipe your silver/gold card :)). I got it, clothes are things that you often buy (or am I the only person who shop more than twice a year?). So, spend only RM10 on a shirt meaning you will have 50 shirts and that will equal to a price of RM500 handphone. Wow! Brilliant! Now, how about the quality.? Oh, you don't mind because you have 50 shirts. Cheap things = zero quality? Not all, I think. Here in UK, you spend £1.99, you get a very nice and quality toddler shirt (oh please convert). But sometimes, you buy a cheap shirt and the colours faded after the third time washing it, you just throw it away or it become your floor mat (classic case in Malaysia, come on, can you buy a very good quality Malaysian brand shirt with a price of RM1.99 FORGET IT!). Does it considered as wasting?So, how cheap is cheap? Ahh..it depends on your current account.

Lesson no 1: Don't convert food price. You will die starving in UK if you do that. But please check the current account regularly, don't over spent on food ( I know, £1 for a big bottle of coke, oh heaven!)

Lesson no 2: Please convert the clothing, perfume, bag, shoes prices. You are given such money to eat, not to buy branded things. I wear H&M shirts and I never spent more than £15 per shirt (it's me being nice to my current account). Forget CK (Yuckkkss!!!).

Lesson no 3: Support Malaysian brand. But only here in UK. In Malaysia, they sell not a very good one , especially the clothing department (Not all, but some of it). I rather buy clothes from UK Tesco but not from Tesco or Giant in Malaysia. It's Quality we talking about here. Don't they get it??

*The summer sale aura is the motivation of this post. Happy shopping everyone!


sarukman said...

You think anybody think's i'm a failure because i go home to Starla every night? FORGET ABOUT IT!!

sarukman said...

Bow to your sensei! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKmUsVeKp1o

melovesfood said...

husbandku bertindak sengal sekali sekala.. maafkan die...

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