Friday, 15 May 2009

Recipe: Strawberries Upside Down Cheesecake

[Pictures and Recipe: Courtesy of Afzan]

As requested, here is the recipe. You can find crème fraiche at Yogurt and Cream aisle in Asda. Happy baking to you all.

1. Whisk 285ml double cream + 85g brown sugar + vanilla essence until its thickened.
2. On other bowl, beat 200ml crème fraiche until thickened.
3. On other bowl also, beat 200g cream cheese + 2 tbsp brown sugar until smooth. Combine the crème fraiche and cream cheese, gently fold them together in the bowl, then combine to the double cream bowl. Fold just enough to mix them together.
4. Put in the freezer for 3 hours or until a bit icy (turning like ice cream).
5.Blitz the digestive biscuits/biscuits marie (enough to cover your cake tin).
6.Melt enough butter( around 100g) in a sauce pan and combine in a bowl containing the blitz biscuits..
7.Cut the strawberries half and place the side down. Place blueberry in between the strawberries and then put the icy cream cheese batter into the lined tin and lastly covered with the blitz biscuits.
8. Covered with plastic foil.
9. Freeze it overnight/ 5 hours (enough before serving time).
10.Thaw the cheesecake 2 hours prior to serving time. Turn the cake tin up side down

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