Monday, 25 May 2009

Precious from Car Boot

This morning we went to a Car Boot Sale in Studley. The car boot venue is big, in fact it is the biggest car boot sale that I've ever been. We managed to cover only half of the area. After we were out of cash (we used debit card most of the time), we decided to go home. We bought lots of story book, mostly for mrgrammarindahouse (he spends his time on the Birmingham-Bristol-Birmingham train reading story book) and lots of toys for mrkamahkamah. Look what I've found for myself. Tarraaa!!!!

It is Nigella's Cook Book: Feast. I've been eyeing this book since the first time I watched her TV series version. I bought it for 2.50 pound. It was really a bargain. The choc cake recipe that I baked last 2 weeks is actually came from this book, which I copied the recipe from one of the online cooking forum. This is my favourite cook book ever. Yay!!!

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