Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Picky Kid

It was mrkamahkamah's breakfast, scrambled egg (with cheese and spring onion), baked beans and grilled sausage. He started with the sausage and after he finished few chunks and throw some of it to the carpet, he ate the egg. Most of the egg had landed to the same place, the carpet, not his mouth. He didn't eat any beans. After that, he's done with his breakfast and started to ask for my milk tea and plum. He likes the milk tea like I do. I'm bit worried with this little kid. He doesnt want to eat the rice but he loves the chips.How can I get my picky kid to eat proper meal, I mean a balanced meal? They say make your child involve in preparing and choosing the food. But he is too small to help me preparing the food. However he drinks more milk rite now, 5 boxes of milk in one month(that will cost us around 35 quid). Poor mrgrammarindahouse as he is the one who wakes up 4-5 times at nite just to prepare mrkamahkamah's milk. Hmm...

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